POST /api/v3/invitations/actions/inviteprojectmember

Invite a user to become a project member, with a given role and team.

A project and a team must be provided. See GET /api/v3/projects and GET /api/v3/teams for more details on how to get the required ids.

Request Path

POST /api/v3/invitations/actions/inviteprojectmember

Request Payload

  "email": "",
  "firstName": "Jane",
  "lastName": "Doe",
  "projectId": "PRLs3J1NEAESn7ipYMwYq20Q2",
  "teamId": "TMitsTtiUS27hEsHcVZcZsxw2",
  "userLevel": 2,
  "suppressEmails": true


email The email of the invitee. This will be used by the user when logging in.
firstName Invitee’s first name.
firstName Invitee’s last name.
projectId The Id of the project the user is invited to.
teamId The Id of the team the user is invited to. Mandatory for team member and team manager. Must be empty for a project manager. Please note: the team must belong to the specified project.
userLevel A number indicating the user role: 2 – Team Member, 4 – Team Manager, 8 – Project Manager.
suppressEmails (optional) Set this flag to true if you don’t want the user to receive an invitation mail (default is false).

Response Example

    "invitationDetailsUrl": "",
    "acceptInvitationUrl": "",
    "message": "",
    "wasAccepted": true