GET /api/v3/projects/ID/blueprints

Retrieves all blueprints available in a specified project

Request Path

GET /api/v3/projects/{projectId}/blueprints?regionId={regionID}&defaultSnapshot={true | false}

Request Payload



{projectId} The Id of the project.

To retrieve project IDs, use GET /api/v3/projects.

{regionId} Optional

The ID of a region. Returns all blueprints that have default snapshots on the specified region.

If unspecified, returns all blueprints in the project on all regions.

To retrieve region IDs, use GET /api/v3/regions.

defaultSnapshot Optional. Boolean. If set to true – get the default snapshot for every blueprint. The returned JSON will contain a property ‘CreateFromVersions’, which is an array of one element – the default snapshot.

If unspecified, default is false (don’t return the default snapshot).

Response Example

        "id": "BPvY9ME2CJ8dg-TyTeUvcKzw2",
        "name": "Testing blueprint",
        "description": "nothing special",
        "isEnvironmentTemplate": false,
        "type": 0,
        "imageUrl": "/resources/imgs/cs/vm_icon.png",
        "tags": null,
        "categories": null,
        "resources": {
            "cpuCount": 2,
            "diskSizeMB": 32768,
            "memorySizeMB": 2048
        "numberOfMachines": 1,
        "hasMultipleVersions": true,
        "hasDefaultVersion": true,
        "disabledForRegularEnvironmentCreation": false,
        "disabledForTrainingEnvironmentCreation": false,
        "canAddMultipleInstances": false,
        "envTemplateScope": null,
        "creationDate": "Sun, 15 Jan 2012 08:14:31 GMT",
        "CreateFromVersions": [
           "Machines": [],
           "AuthorName": "John Doe",
           "Comment": null,
           "Type": 0,
           "Name": "Default Snapshot",
           "IsDefault": true,
           "IsLatest": true,
           "Number": 0,
           "Resources": {
             "CpuCount": null,
             "DiskSizeMB": null,
             "MemorySizeMB": null
           "CreateTime": "2017-01-18T16:18:07",
           "Description": "",
           "ImageUrl": null,
           "Regions": [
           "Id": "SSoss_-sOnp1jw0gGndRpldA2"