GET /api/v3/envs/actions/getextendedbymachinevanity

Uses the vanity name or FQDN of a VM to retrieve details of an environment and its VMs

Request Path

GET /api/v3/envs/actions/getextendedbymachinevanity?machineVanity={machineVanity}

Request Payload



machineVanity Specifies the vanity name or FQDN of a machine, where {machineVanity} is the vanity name or FQDN (e.g.

Response Example

    "vms": [
            "id": "MC21ZSnJ8GGaxedAgFzO9KJw2",
            "name": "CentOS 5 With KDE2",
            "description": "My VM",
            "statusText": "Running",
            "progress": 100,
            "imageId": "IMKNnQhURlQm865N1IVZsVXw2",
            "os": "Linux",
            "webAccessUrl": null,
            "fqdn": "",
            "externalAddress": "",
            "internalAddresses": [
            "cpuCount": 1,
            "diskSizeGb": 20,
            "memorySizeMb": 1024,
            "username": "root",
            "password": "Lw7oCVM2wk",
            "consoleToken": null
    "description": "Some Description",
    "blueprintId": "BPBl7djHwvL3IzD_4lOgmPDQ2",
    "blueprintName": "Web Test",
    "policyId": "POA_LXAJbOnUyjPZGgMK9Kdw2",
    "policyName": "On Demand",
    "expirationTime": "Mon, 09 Mar 2015 08:51:13 GMT",
    "invitationAllowed": false,
    "organization": "CloudShare",
    "ownerEmail": "",
    "projectId": "PRjTcEu83MXmpDAHTf47b-QQ2",
    "projectName": "Phobos",
    "snapshotId": null,
    "snapshotName": null,
    "statusCode": 2,
    "statusText": "Ready",
    "regionId": "REKolD1-ab84YIxODeMGob9A2",
    "name": "Web Test",
    "id": "EN5YTkVIYcD6kL9flyAAYyzg2"

Response Property Notes

expirationTime The end of the environment’s allocated disk time. The environment will be deleted at that time.
statusCode Possible values:

  • 2: Ready
  • 3: Suspended
  • 4: Archived
  • 5: Deleted
  • 7: Taking a Snapshot
  • 8: Preparing
  • 9: Creation Failed