GET /api/v3/vms/actions/getremoteaccessfile

Retrieves the content of a .rdp file that provides remote desktop access to the specified VM. An .rdp file comprising the returned content opens a remote desktop session to the VM from a Windows machine. It can also be used on Linux with FreeRDP or on Mac with Microsoft Remote Access.

Request Path

GET /api/v3/vms/actions/getremoteaccessfile?vmId={VmID}VM123ABC&desktopWidth={desktopWidth}&desktopHeight={desktopHeight}

Request Payload



{VmID} The ID of the VM. To retrieve the IDs of all VMs in an environment, use GET /api/v3/envs/actions/getextended.
{desktopHeight} The height resolution of the remote access session, in pixels.
{desktopWidth} The width resolution of the remote access session, in pixels.

Response Example

    "rdpFileContent": "username:s:shrpnt\\administrator\r\nfull\r\ngatewayusagemethod:i:4\r\naudiomode:i:0\r\nredirectprinters:i:1\r\nredirectsmartcards:i:1\r\nredirectclipboard:i:1\r\nredirectposdevices:i:0\r\nredirectdirectx:i:1\r\nauthentication level:i:2\r\nprompt for credentials:i:0\r\nnegotiate security layer:i:1\r\ndisable menu anims:i:1\r\ndisable themes:i:0\r\ndisable cursor setting:i:0\r\nconnection type:i:2\r\ndisable wallpaper:i:1\r\nallow font smoothing:i:0\r\nallow desktop composition:i:0\r\nvideoplaybackmode:i:1\r\ncompression:i:1\r\nscreen mode id:i:2\r\ndesktopwidth:i:\r\ndesktopheight:i:\r\n",
    "clearTextPassword": "Jc9Rvp0093"

Response Property Notes

rdpFileContent The content of .rdp file.
clearTextPassword The password required to access the VM.