POST /api/v3/class/disablesponsoredlink

Disables a Class Sponsored Link created by POST – /api/v3/class/sponsoredlink.

To reenable a Class Sponsored Link make a POST – /api/v3/class/sponsoredlink request with the desired class ID and student email.

Request Path

POST /api/v3/class/disablesponsoredlink

Request Payload Example

    "classId": "COHnzLnDC5vBE7QDkfjlFV-g2",
    "studentEmail": "",
    "unregisterStudent": false


classId The ID of the class
studentEmail The student email
unregisterStudent Optional. Default is false. Removes the student from the class if a student with the given email address exists in the class.

This will also delete any active environments the student received in the class.