POST /api/v3/permalinks

Generates a permalink.

A permalink is specific to a snapshot. It is a link that opens an environment based on the snapshot. If the user browsing to the link does not own an environment based on the snapshot, a new environment is created and the link opens the new environment. If the user already owns an environment based on the snapshot, the permalink redirects the user to the existing environment. Permalinks are available to all users who belong to the project to which the snapshot belongs.

A permalink is a useful way to share a specific environment state with another user, such as a development setup or a faulty network configuration.

Request Path

POST /api/v3/permalinks

Request Payload

	"projectId": "PR123ABC",
	"environmentPolicyId": "PO123ABC",
	"snapshotId": "SS123ABC",
	"regionId": "REKolD1-ab84YIxODeMGob9A2"


projectId The ID of the project to which the snapshot belongs. Environments can only be created from permalinks for users who belong to specified project. To retrieve available projects, use GET /api/v3/projects.
environmentPolicyId The ID of the environment policy to apply to any environments created by the permalink.
snapshotId The ID of the snapshot for which to create the permalink.
regionId The ID of the region in which environments created by the permalink should be created. The specified snapshot must be available on the same region.

Response Example

    "token": "gxBM9kQAzRqAvr2QhuZCbQ2"

Response Property Notes

token A token that forms part of the permalink. To use the token as a permalink, insert the token into the following URL:{token},
where {token} is the returned token.