PUT /api/v3/vms/actions/editvmhardware

Adjusts a VM’s CPU count, disk size, and RAM

Request Path

PUT /api/v3/vms/action/editvmhardware

Request Payload

    "vmId": "MCTQBRGIH5V2br3eiEd129w1A",
    "numCpus": 2,
    "memorySizeMBs": 2048,
    "diskSizeGBs": 40


vmID The ID of the VM. To retrieve the IDs of VMs in an environment, use GET /api/v3/envs/actions/getextended.
numCpus Number of CPUs
memorySizeMBs RAM size, in megabytes
diskSizeGBs Disk size, in gigabytes

Response Example

    "conflictsFound": true,
    "conflicts": "NumCpus"