GET /api/v3/webhooks

Get a List of Webhook Subscriptions

Request Path

GET /api/v3/webhooks?cloudshareAccountId=SBAjsfGEasdlkj98jlka&projectIds=PRasdfblkjaoi234lkjoi

Request Payload



cloudshareAccountId The id of the account.
To get the CloudshareAccountId, follow the steps below
(note: you must be an Account Manager):

  1. Login into CloudShare
  2. Click on Account on the left side menu
  3. Under the Subscription Management grid, click the subscription name or Details link of the subscription you would like to view
  4. Once on the subscription details page, the subscription ID will be the trailing end of the URL. The subscription ID string will start with ‘SB’
    For example, if the URL looks like this –
    The subscription ID is SBxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, which is your CloudshareAccountId.
projectIds A list of project ids.

Response Example

"id": "string",
"creatorId": "string",
"creatorEmail": "string",
"accountId": "string",
"projectId": "string",
"callbackUrl": "string",
"isActive": true,
"name": "string",
"description": "string",
"createdOn": "2022-07-06T13:40:12.415Z",
"events": [