POST /api/../inviteanonymousenduser (deprecated)

Returns an invitation, based on a policy. Blueprint is not specified. If the policy is associated with more than one blueprint (usually the case), use the request InviteAnonymousEndUserToBlueprint, which enables you to specify which blueprint the end user’s environment should be based on.

Request Path

POST /api/v3/invitations/actions/inviteanonymousenduser

Request Payload

    "policyId": "POLs3J1NEAESn7ipYMwYq20Q2",
    "owningProjectMemberId": "VPvcJta67Wp3TuDw-j4PhAiQ2"
    "opportunity": "my company inc.",
    "validForDays": 7,
    "regionId": "REKolD1-ab84YIxODeMGob9A2"


policyId The ID of the policy to assign to the environment created for the end user
owningProjectMemberId The ID of the owning project member, a CloudShare project member to assign the end user to
opportunity The name of the business opportunity to be associated with the end user
validForDays The number of days to keep the invitation valid for
regionId Optional. The region in which to create the environment. A list of available regions can be obtained from here. The default region is US East (Miami)

Response Example

    "invitationDetailsUrl": "",
    "acceptInvitationUrl": "",
    "message": "An invitation was sent successfully";