API Concepts

Environment An entity consisting of a group of machines (VMs), storage, networking, and infrastructure software (such as OS, DB)
VM or Machine A single VM within an environment
VM Template A pre-configured VM that can be added to an environment
Blueprint A template of an environment. Holds zero or more snapshots. Used to create new environments from a snapshot, or to revert an environment to a snapshot
Snapshot The state of an environment and applications running on it, at a particular time; this includes the running state of each machine in the environment
Environment Template A preconfigured and read-only blueprint supplied by CloudShare. Used to create environments
Environment Policy Used to allocate and limit an environment’s duration: The environment’s total lifetime and its persistent run-time without being suspended.
Project A company or enterprise activity consisting of blueprints to which users can be invited
Project Member or Vendor A user who may own and use environments, and invite other users
End User A user of an environment

Have a look at an entity relationship diagram.