Take a snapshot of the specified environment and save it as part of the current Blueprint. It can optionally be set as the default snapshot for this Blueprint.

Request URL

GET https://use.cloudshare.com/Api/v2/Env/EntAppTakeSnapshot?envId=<envId>&snapshotName=<snap_name>&description=<desc>&setAsDefault=<def>&token=<token>&timestamp=<time>&UserApiId=<id>&HMAC=<signature>


envId The id of the environment
Example: LB4IUA1HFT4B
snapshotName The name to be assigned to the snapshot
Example: myNewSnapshot
A description to be applied to the snapshot
Example: myNewSnapshot
setAsDefault Flag indicating whether this snapshot should be set as default
Values: true/false

Response example

    "data": {
        "envId": "HA0VLW3GJ0PA"
    "remaining__calls": 99978,
    "status_additional_data": null,
    "status_code": "0x20000",
    "status_text": "Success"