Modifies the hardware for a VM. The number of CPUs, amount or memory, and disk size can be modified.

GET  https://use.cloudshare.com/API/v2/Env/EditMachineHardware?envId=<env?&vmID=<vm>&NumCpus=<cpu>&MemorySizeMBs=<mem>&DiskSizeGBs=<disk>&UserApiId=<id>&token=<token>&timestamp=<time>&HMAC=<signature>


envId The unique id for the environment.
vmId The unique id for the VM.
NumCpus The number of CPUs to set in the VM.
MemorySizeMBs The memory size, in MB, to set in the VM. Must be at least 512MB. Max size is set by quota.
Example: 2048
DiskSizeGBs The disk size, in GB, to set in the VM. Disk size cannot be reduced.
Example: 100

Response example

If the request is successful (status_code is 0x20000), the following response will be returned:

       "conflictsFound" : false,
       "conflicts" : []
    "remaining_api_calls": 99954,
    "status_additional_data": null,
    "status_code": "0x20000",
    "status_text": "Success"

If the request is unsuccessful, the status_code and status_text will indicate the problem. The following are possible error codes:

status_code status_text description
0x50041 EditHardwareUnspecifiedError
0x50042 EditHardwarePerMachineMaxCpusExceeded the maximum number of CPUs was exceeded
0x50043 EditHardwareUnsupportedNumOfCpus invalid number of CPUs (not supported)
0x50044 EditHardwareNegativeRam memory size cannot be negative
0x50045 EditHardwareNegativeDisk disk size cannot be negative
0x50046 EditHardwareNegativeCpus the number of CPUs cannot be negative
0x50047 EditHardwareLoweredDiskSize disk size cannot be reduced
0x50048 EditHardwareRamOverQuota memory size exceeds quota
0x50049 EditHardwareDiskOverQuota disk size exceeds quota
0x5004a EditHardwareCpuOverQuota number of CPUs exceeds quota