Manage environments that are accessible to the user.

Resource Description
GetEnvironmentState Get the current status of an environment
ListEnvironments Get a list of all environments
ListEnvironmentsWithState Get list of environments and environment states (e.g., list of machines for each environment)
SuspendEnvironment Suspend the named environment, and all machines associated with it.
ResumeEnvironment Resume a suspended environment
ExtendEnvironment Extend the specified environment.
DeleteEnvironment Delete the specified environment.
RevertEnvironment Revert an environment to the point saved in the default snapshot
RevertEnvironmentToSnapshot Revert an environment to a specific snapshot
DeleteVm Delete a machine from an environment.
RevertVm Revert a single machine to the point saved in a snapshot
RebootVm Reboot a single machine.
GetCloudFoldersInfo Return information about the folders mounted to an environment
EditMachineHardware Modifies the hardware for a VM.
Mount Mounts a folder to the selected environment. This folder can be used, for example, to transfer files and applications to the VMs in the environment
Unmount Unmounts a folder from an environment
MountAndFetchInfo Mounts a folder and returns information about it
MountAndFetchInfoExt Mounts a folder and returns additional information about it
GetLoginUrl Open a URL to the Cloudshare UI, bypassing the login screen
GetRemoteAccessFile Get information for setting up a remote session on a VM


Create new environments, based on existing packages and snapshots

Resource Description
CreateEntAppEnv Create an environment
CreateEntAppEnvOptions Returns a list of project/Blueprint/environment policy resources that are available for the specific user
CreateEmptyEntAppEnv Create an empty environment (containing no machines)
ListTemplates Get list of available templates that the user can add to an environment
AddVmFromTemplate Add a machine to an environment, from the selected template.
ExecutePath Run a script on a VM.
ExecutePathExt Run a script on a VM and return an Id for the process.
CheckExecutionStatus Check the execution status for a script that was run on a VM.
RegenerateCloudfoldersPassword Generate a new password for FTP access to the VM.
PostponeInactivityPeriod Postpone the environment’s suspend time.
WhoAmI Return information about a user.
GeneratePermalink Returns permalink URL.
GeneratePermalinkOptions Returns a list of projects with blueprints with available snapshots, and policies..