Restores the specified environment to a specified snapshot for that environment.

Request URL



envId The unique id for the environment.
snapshotId The unique id of the snapshot.

Response example

    "data": {
        "envId": "HA0VLW3GJ0PA"
    "remaining__calls": 99976,
    "status_additional_data": null,
    "status_code": "0x20000",
    "status_text": "Success"

The response is the id of the environment that was reverted.

Note that a successful (HTTP Status 200 – OK) response indicates that the request was valid and the reverted activity has commenced. This response is returned immediately. It does not mean that the reverted activity has completed and that the environment – with all of its machines – is now active. This could take some time (seconds, perhaps) to complete. To determine the progress of the reverted activity, the application should poll with the GetEnvironmentState resource, using the environment’s unique id.