POST /api/v3/class

Create class.

Request Path

POST /api/v3/class

Request Payload

    "name": "my new class",
    "projectId": "PR_El-YqX0AvUr_p3TgD-wtg2",
    "blueprintId": "BPvY9ME2CJ8dg-TyTeUvcKzw2",
    "policyId": "POstwZpTbLpqpGR2yI4cbGOw2",
    "instructorVupId": "VPmIJNV_kFBDLrveM0Gmr5ug2",
    "timeZoneId": "Eastern Standard Time",
    "regionId": "REKolD1-ab84YIxODeMGob9A2",
    "startDate": "02/11/2015 12:00 AM",
    "studentPassphrase": "super secret password",
    "useCustomInvitationEmail": false,
    "customInvitationEmailSubject": null,
    "customInvitationEmailBody": null,
    "permitAccessToNonRegisteredStudent": true,
    "maxStudents": 5,
    "address": {
        "state": "Alabama",
        "address1": "3000 Foggy Woods",
        "address2": "",
        "zipCode": "002233",
        "city": "Gravity",
        "country": "United States"
    "customFieldsValues": [{
        "id": "TFTQBKbIH5V2br3eiEdxW9-g2",
        "order": 1,
        "name": "clientId",
        "type": 0,
        "isRequired": false,
        "regex": {},
        "defaultValue": null,
        "value": "1234"
    "enableSteps": true,
    "studentsCanSwitchStep": false,
            "blueprintId": "BP1q3qKTtuaFRPphjvonhPCg2", 
            "isDefault": false
            "blueprintId": "BPIfZ9NnTBVXzCdTOFys8Kbw2", 
            "isDefault": true
            "blueprintId": "BPjCfVvbCEROb36aAe8mM78w2", 
            "isDefault": false


Name New class name
PolicyId The policy ID class will be created with (Can be taken from here)
BlueprintId The blueprint ID environments within this class will be created with (Can be taken from here)
ProjectId The project ID the class will be created into (Can be taken from here)
InstructorVupId The instructor’s vendor user project ID (Can be taken from here)
RegionId The Region the Class is to be created in. A list of available Regions can be obtained from here.
StartDate The date and time which class will start in
TimeZoneId The ID of the timezone startDate belongs to (Can be taken from here)
StudentPassphrase The pass-phrase students will have to enter before attending class
UseCustomInvitationEmail Does invitations will be user configured
CustomInvitationEmailSubject Invitation’s email subject line when using custom invitation email
CustomInvitationEmailBody Invitation’s email body when using custom invitation email
PermitAccessToNonRegisteredStudent Don’t force users to register before participating class MaxStudents Maximum number of students allowed to participate in class (can be null)
Address The location of the class (can be null). Countries can be taken from here
CustomFieldsValues List of all custom fields defined on project, where “value” fields represents the input for each custom field (this parameter is mandatory only for projects that force validation of it). Custom fields structure can be taken from here
enableSteps Optional parameter – enable multi step class (default is false). If set to true, steps parameter must be provided
StudentsCanSwitchStep Allow students to change step independently (when class multi step is enabled)
steps Optional parameter – a list of class steps. Parameter must be provided if enableSteps is set to true.
Each class step has 2 parts: blueprintId and isDefault. Exactly one step should have isDefault set to true. Blueprint IDs can be taken from here

Response example