GET /api/v3/envs/actions/getenvresources

Get the total resources that have been used by an Environment: total run time, total RAM-GB Hours, and max disk usage.

Note: This function only accepts Environment IDs created after December 1st 2016

GET /api/v3/envs/actions/getenvresources?envId=EN123ABC

Request Payload Examples:



envId The Environment ID to get its resource information

Response examples

    "totalRuntimeHours": 54.2,
    "totalGbh": 78.45,
    "maxDiskGb": 10,
    "lastUpdateTime": "Mon, 09 Mar 2015 00:00:00 GMT",
    "name": "Web Test",
    "id": "EN5YTkVIYcD6kL9flyAAYyzg2"
Response Property Notes:
If resource information isn’t yet available (the Environment was recently created), totalGbh, maxDiskGb, totalRuntimeHours, and lastUpdateTime will be null.
totalRuntimeHours The Environment’s total run time in hours
totalGbh The Environment’s total RAM per hour in gigabytes (GB)
maxDiskGb The Environment’s maximum disk usage in gigabytes (GB)