GET /api/v3/envs/actions/getmultipleenvsresources

Get all environments (including resources) that have been active in a specified time range. Each environment record will include: total run time, total RAM-GB Hours, max disk usage and the sponsored token that was used to create the environment (if one exists).

Note: This function applies for Environments created after December 1st 2016

GET /api/v3/envs/actions/getmultipleenvsresources?subscriptionId=SB1234&starttime=2017-01-01&endtime=2017-02-01&skip=0&take=100

Request Payload Examples:



subscriptionId Optional (default is user’s subscription). Specify the subscription of the environments. Should be provided if user is a member of multiple subscriptions.

starttime / endtime Specify the time range where the environment was active. Time format should be ISO 8601

take Optional (default is 1000). Limit the amount of returned records. Maximum value is 1000.

skip Optional (default is 0). Used to skip the first {skip} records. Should be used together with {take} to iterate over the environments where the number of returned environments equals {take}.

Response examples

    "sponsoredLoginToken": "m0G3FECg4Cdda"
    "totalRuntimeHours": 54.2,
    "totalGbh": 78.45,
    "maxDiskGb": 10,
    "lastUpdateTime": "Mon, 09 Mar 2015 00:00:00 GMT",
    "name": "Web Test",
    "id": "EN5YTkVIYcD6kL9flyAAYyzg2"
Response Property Notes:
If resource information isn’t yet available (the Environment was recently created), totalGbh, maxDiskGb, totalRuntimeHours, and lastUpdateTime will be null.
sponsoredLoginToken A token used by end user in order to create the environment. Null If environment was not created by sponsored API. If more than one token was used to access the environment – the API will return one of the used tokens.
totalRuntimeHours The Environment’s total run time in hours
totalGbh The Environment’s total RAM per hour in gigabytes (GB)
maxDiskGb The Environment’s maximum disk usage in gigabytes (GB)