POST /api/v3/permalinks

Create a new Permalink for a Snapshot.

A Permalink for a Snapshot is a link available to all users in a Project. By entering the link in a browser, an Environment will be created from the Permalink’s Snapshot. If the user who entered the link already has an Environment with that Snapshot and Environment Policy, the link will simply redirect the user to the existing Environment and will not create a new one.

A Permalink is useful to to easily share specific Environment states between users, such as a Development setup, or a faulty network configuration, etc.

POST /api/v3/permalinks

Request Payload

	"projectId": "PR123ABC",
	"environmentPolicyId": "PO123ABC",
	"snapshotId": "SS123ABC",
	"regionId": "REKolD1-ab84YIxODeMGob9A2"


projectId The Project this Permalink is available in. Environments can only be created from Permalinks by users from the same Project ID. Available Projects can be found here.
environmentPolicyId The Policy of the created Environment.
snapshotId The Snapshot to create the Environment from.
regionId The Region in which Environment should be created at (Snapshot should be available in this Region).

Response examples

    "token": "gxBM9kQAzRqAvr2QhuZCbQ2"

To use the generated token use it in the URL: