This request will return an invitation to use an environment, which the user can send, separately, at a later time. The environment is based on the specified policy and the specific Blueprint (where several Blueprints may be associated with the policy).

Request URL



environmentPolicyId The id for the policy to be used for the new environment
opportunity The name of the (business) opportunity associated with this user
Example: Op
validForDays The number of days the invitation is valid
owningProjectMemberId Id of the Project Member who will be responsible for this environment.
blueprintId The id of the Blueprint which the new user will be invited to use.
Example: UGK0MB1B0VRB

Response example

    "data": {
        "acceptUrl": "", 
        "detailsUrl": "", 
        "message": "An invitation was created successfully"
    "remaining_api_calls": 90, 
    "status_additional_data": null, 
    "status_code": "0x20000", 
    "status_text": "Success"