POST /api/../inviteenduserandassignprojectmembertoblueprint

This request will issue an invitation to a specified user, to use an environment specified by the policy. It will also assign a Project Member owner, and set which Blueprint to use from those associated with the policy.

POST /api/v3/invitations/actions/inviteenduserandassignprojectmembertoblueprint

Request Payload

    "policyId": "POLs3J1NEAESn7ipYMwYq20Q2",
    "owningProjectMemberId": "VPvcJta67Wp3TuDw-j4PhAiQ2"
    "opportunity": "my company inc.",
    "validForDays": 7,
    "email": "",
    "firstName": "Hudson",
    "lastName": "Kaiden",
    "regionId": "REKolD1-ab84YIxODeMGob9A2",
    "inviteeCanSetEmail": true


PolicyId The environment policy invitee will be assigned to
Opportunity The name of the (business) opportunity associated with this user
ValidForDays The number of days the invitation is valid
Email Email of the user to receive the invitation
FirstName Recipient user’s first name
LastName Recipient user’s last name
OwningProjectMemberId The id of the Project Member to whom the new user will be assigned
RegionId The Region the Invitation is to be created in. A list of available Regions can be obtained from here. Optional – default region is US East (Miami)
InviteeCanSetEmail A flag indicating whether an end user can set email when accepting the invitation. Optional parameter – default is true

Response examples

    "invitationDetailsUrl": "",
    "acceptInvitationUrl": "",
    "message": "An invitation was sent successfully"